Reverse Chain Stitch

This stitch is visually not very different from the usual chain stitch. The difference is the direction in which these stitches are done. If chain stitch is done from bottom to top, reverse chain stitch is done from top to bottom.

You would require to know the lazy daisy stitch to be able to start the reverse chain stitch.

Fig 1: Lay the base for this stitch by doing a lazy daisy stitch, with A as the base point. Fig 2: Bring the needle out through B. Take the needle under the first lazy daisy stitch without plucking the fabric below. The distance between B and A is just enough to make another chain in the sequence.
Fig 3: Take in the needle through B to finish up with the next chain in the sequence. Bring out the needle through C and take it under the second chain without plucking the fabric below.
Fig 4: Continue this pattern of stitching to finish the sequence of reverse chain stitch.
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4 Responses

  1. Hyma India Safari  Android 4.1.1 GT-N8000 Build/JRO03C says:

    Is there any differnce between the regular chain stitch & the reversed one in the finished work?

  2. Marianna United States Chrome for iOS iPad says:

    Great stitch and explanation. I like it more than the regular chain stitch. Thank you 🙂

  3. Roopali Malhotra India Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Thanks for the beautiful posts.

    My boyfriend’s birthday is coming and everytime I give him something created by me.

    This time I am planning to gift him a frame with the words “Happy Birthday” embroided on a piece of cloth.

    I am very new to embroidery and was trying to learn simple stitched from your site … but I failed 🙁

    Can you please help me, what kind of stitch will be best suited to embroide alphabets.

    I have purchased a marron coloured cloth and black thread.

    • sarah Italy Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

      Hey Roopali!

      It is a a beautiful thought of you to gift your dear boyfriend something made by you always. 🙂

      Thanks for going thru the embroidery section. Did you find the instructions difficult to follow? Do let me know if so.

      Certainly let me suggest you a few stitches that can be good for embroidering alphabets…
      –I feel ‘raised chain band stitch’ is good for doing alphabets. But it would require you to use two colors of thread. Since you already have black, you can use a lighter color like cream or off-white along with it.
      –My second suggestion is the ‘rope stitch’. If the your thread is thick, this stitch will come out really well I suggest not to do this stitch if your thread is thin.
      –Now, if these two stitches seem difficult for you, (understandably, since you are very new to embroidery), you can try the ‘running stitch (variety 1)’. For this you can use a single color or two colors, as per your wish. 🙂 I would recommend two colors, one black and the other a lighter one.
      –If you would like, you can make little ‘lazy daisy stitch’ flowers around ‘happy birthday’ to beautify it. It is a very easy stitch to do.
      All these stitches are listed on the right hand side bar for you to follow.

      Hope this has helped. Wishing your boyfriend a very happy birthday and both of you happiness always! 🙂

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