Oyster Stitch

Oyster stitch is complex looking but in fact easy. It is a combination of a single rosette stitch loop and the lazy daisy. This stitch is where lazy daisy stitch encircles the rosette stitch loop, or in other words, the rosette stitch fills the lazy daisy. You get a slight embossed feel from this stitch and can be used for small petal or leaf, or any similar formations.

You need to know the rosette stitch and lazy daisy to be able to do the oyster stitch.

Fig 1: We begin by doing a rossette stitch loop. So, we bring the needle out through A, put it in through B and bring it out through C as shown above. We loop the thread around the needle to form a twisted chain loop. Fig 2: Once we get a twisted loop, we take the needle beneath the right leg of the loop as we would in rossette stitch.
Fig 3: Now, we will encircle the rossette stitch with the lazy daisy. For that, continue by putting in the needle through A (where the right leg of the rossette stitch begins) and bring it out from C. Loop the thread around like we would for a lazy daisy, as shown above. Fig 4: Pull the needle out from C and anchor the lazy daisy loop.
Fig 5: A finished oyster stitch would look like this.
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  1. naomi United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I am brand new to blogging and was wondering if I could link you to my page? I’m not sure how yet, but I would love to.
    Thank you for your wonderful Oyster Stitch Tutorial.

  2. sajna Safari  Android 4.2.2 GT-I9082 Build/JDQ39 says:

    Thank you very much for your tutorials. It is very easy to folllow.

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