Also known as : chequered chain stitch

This is a little tricky for the first time doers. So be careful not to twine the threads too much in the process, and keep slow pace and patience. Magic chain stitch is a wonderful stitch, which uses two (or more) colors alternately to form the chain sequence. Check the notes at the end of this lesson for tips while doing this stitch.

You need to know the chain stitch to be able to do this. I will be working over a curvy stitch line with three strands of pink and purple threads each.

Fig 1: Use two colored threads of equal thickness and pull it through one needle.
magic_chain_stich_2   magic_chain_stich_3
Fig 2: Since this follows the chain  stitch procedure, position the needle the way we would in chain stitch, as shown above.   Fig 3: Now, loop ONLY the first color of thread around the needle. I have looped the purple thread first.
magic_chain_stich_4   magic_chain_stich_5
Fig 4: Pull out the needle to get one loop of the first color.   Fig 5: Now, put in the needle for the next loop, as we would in chain stitch.
magic chain stitch 6   magic chain stitch 7
Fig 6: Loop around the second color this time.   Fig 7: Pull out the needle and you will see a loop of the second color.
magic chain stitch 8
Fig 8: Continue the process of this chain stitching, looping each color alternatley, to get a pattern like shown above.

In the process, you will notice that the threads might get twined. So, take time and patience to untwine it before continuing.

One tip I can suggest to avoid any twining or frustrations is this: When pulling out the needle after looping the thread, try to first take out the needle completely, but don’t pull out the threads completely. Now, using your fingers, pull out the unlooped color first and then the looped color. This way, both threads get enough space to pull themselves out without twining into each other.

So, for instance, take the Fig 6 of the lesson. We have looped the pink thread. Now we pull out the needle from the fabric, then use our fingers to pull out only the purple thread first. You will see that it disappears  into the fabric. Now, pull the pink thread to tighten the pink loop. The work comes out neat and less complicated this way.   

Try doing magic chain stitch with three colored threads. 😀