Also known as: Detached chain stitch

This is often used to give petal designs and small floral patterns. It consists of a single loop of chain than the continuous pattern. Lazy daisy is one of the extremely easy stitches. This stitch need not be limited to just petals and leaves, but can be used for more complicated designs too.

To assist our lessons, I will be making a floral motiff. For that, I have made a focal point by marking a small ring as my stitch line. My stitches will begin at the edge of this ring. Note that I have used a multicolored thread and not threads of various colors to demonstrate this stitch.

lazy_daisy_1           lazy_daisy_2
Fig 1: Bring the thread out through A.
Put in the needle near A and bring it out through the point B, but don’t pull the needle out completely.
Now, loop the thread around the needle, like we would in chain stitch. 
  Fig 2: Pull out the needle out to tighten the loop.
Put in the needle just outside the chain created and that will finish the lazy daisy stitch.
lazy_daisy_3   lazy_daisy_4
Fig 3: This stand alone stitch can be used freely to be a part of any design. Since I have decided to make a flower, I will proceed with making multiple lazy daisies around the marked stitch line.   Fig 4: The completed flower made of multiple lazy daisies.


Lazy daisy can be given a more filling effect by making layers of  lazy daisies too. For that, you may do a  lazy daisy stitch within a lazy daisy.