This stitch is a combination of coral stitch (yet to come) and the knotted chain stitch. Each loop in this stitch is preceded by a knot made using the coral stitch technique.

You need to know at least the knotted chain stitch to be able to do this stitch. I demonstrate from right to left on a single stitch line. Like in the knotted chian stitch, here too, the stitches fall on either side of the stitch line.

knotted_cable_chain_1   knotted_cable_chain_2
Fig 1: We begin by bringing the thread out through a point on the stitch line and then taking the needle in and out through two points on either side of the stitch line.    Fig 2: Now wrap the thread around the needle as shown above. This is done to make a knot.
knotted_cable_chain_3         knotted_cable_chain_4
 Fig 3: When the needle is pulled out and the thread tightened, a knot is formed.
Now take the needle in from the bottom of the knot and bring it out from the other side of the stitch line. Make sure the needle is slanted in order to make room for the chain loop.
Next, loop the thread around the needle to make the chain loop.
   Fig 4: When the needle is pulled out, a circular loop is made. Continue the procedure of making knots and loops in this manner.  
 Fig 5: A finished line of knotted cable chain stitch would look like this.