Also known as : Heavy braid chain stitch

As the name suggests, this is a heavy or thick looking chain stitch. It gives out a rich feeling, depending on the thread used to stitch. Like the reverse chain stitch, this also follows a reverse direction.

I will be stitching from top to bottom on a curvy stitch line. To do this stitch, you need to be aware of the lazy daisy stitch.

heavy_chain_stitch_1     heavy_chain_stitch_2
Fig 1: Lay the foundation for this stitch by making a lazy daisy stitch with the base as point A, as illustrated. Note that the ‘tail’ of the lazy daisy is slightly longer than the usual.   Fig 2: Bring the needle out through B and take it under the tail of the first lazy daisy, without plucking the fabric.
heavy_chain_stitch_3   heavy_chain_stitch_4
Fig 3: Put the needle in back through B, and we will get a two layers of chain. Now, bring the needle out through C and take it under the first two chains without plucking the fabric.   Fig 4: Take the needle in through C to create another layer of chain. Bring the needle out through D and take it under the second and third chain. Keep continuing this procedure.
heavy_chain_stitch_5 Fig 5: A finished line of heavy chain stitch would look like this. Note that, at any given point of time, we would always have two layers of chain. To create a third chain, always take the needle UNDER the first two chains.