Also known as : Tambour stitch / Point de Chainette

This is the basic and simplest of the chain stitch family. It gives a chain like appearance or, like petals lined up one after the other.

To assist our lessons, I will do this stitch from top to bottom. Generally, it follows a left to right path.

chain_stich_1   chain_stich_2
Fig 1: Bring the thread out through A. Put the needle back in A and bring it out through the point B, but don’t pull the needle out completely.        Fig 2: Now, take the thread around the needle from left to right to form a loop.
chain_stich_3   chain_stich_4
Fig 3: Pull out the needle now to tighten the loop and you will get the first part of the chain.   Fig 4: Now, put the needle in through B (now inside the loop) and bring it out on C (outside of the loop).
chain_stich_5      Fig 5: Continue the action by taking the thread around the back of the needle from left to right to form a loop and pull out the needle to get the next loop of the chain. Keep on with this procedure to finish the design.