Chain Stitch

Also known as : Tambour stitch / Point de Chainette

This is the basic and simplest of the chain stitch family. It gives a chain like an appearance or, like petals lined up one after the other.
To assist our lessons, I will do this stitch from top to bottom. Generally, it follows a left to the right path.

Fig 1: Bring the thread out through A. Put the needle back in A and bring it out through point B, but don’t pull the needle out completely. Fig 2: Now, take the thread around the needle from left to right to form a loop.
Fig 3: Pull out the needle now to tighten the loop and you will get the first part of the chain. Fig 4: Now, put the needle in through B (now inside the loop) and bring it out on C (outside of the loop).
Fig 5: Continue the action by taking the thread around the back of the needle from left to right to form a loop and pull out the needle to get the next loop of the chain. Keep on with this procedure till the finish.
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40 Responses

  1. chetaksingh India Google Chrome Windows says:

    sent me the conclusion of chain stitch

  2. vicky South Africa Google Chrome Windows says:

    dear Sarah,

    I have to make an evening clutch bag for a competition. The front of the bag must be completely filled with Indian chain stitch. Can you maybe direct me to a website where I can learn more on the subject, as well as obtain designs for the embroidery?


  3. riswana musthafa India Google Chrome Windows says:

  4. riswana musthafa India Google Chrome Windows says:

    its chain stitch done by myself……………………:)

  5. riswana musthafa India Google Chrome Windows says:

    its chain stitch

  6. LilytheLoon Canada Netscape Navigator iPad says:

    thank you for posting such easy to follow instructions. I have always wanted to learn embroidery and these tutorials are helping greatly.

  7. Kavya India Safari iPad says:

    I still can’t explain how petrified I was of learning stitching.
    It was something that was made mandatory by our school for us to learn…I had given up all hopes of learning this great art..seemed so formidable at the first glance…….well not now….I seriously can’t find any other place than this site of yours that could arise in me a fondness for learning stitching ..I luv you Sarah and because of you I love stitching

    A lot of thnx from me and my mom…..I’m sure my granny would be very happy when I would show her my first stitching piece which wouldn’t have been possible without you

    • sarah India Google Chrome Windows says:

      Dear Kavya,

      Thanks for writing to us. It is great to learn how you are enjoying stitching. Please do share some of your works, that you might be showing your granny, with us. It will be nice to see. πŸ™‚

  8. Corrie Australia Netscape Navigator iPad says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m going to build a stitch sampler to start using embroidery with my beading. I just wanted to sky how do you get the chains all the same size mine come out all different and skewed.

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