To do this stitch, you should be aware of the chain stitch and twisted chain stitch. Barred chain stitch is just a sequence of these two stitches alternating each other.

I would be following a curved stitch line for the illustration.

barred_chain_stitch_1   barred_chain_stitch_2
Fig 1: Begin the stitch by making a simple chain stitch loop.   Fig 2: Now put in the needle at the left of the chain to begin a twisted chain loop.

barred_chain_stitch_3       barred_chain_stitch_4
Fig 3: Loop the thread around and pull out the needle for a twisted chain.   Fig 4: The pattern would look like this. Continue it with a chain stitch and twisted chain stitches in an alternate pattern.

Fig 5: Your finished pattern would look like this.
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