Up and Down Blanket Stitch

Also known as: Mirrored Blanket Stitch, Mirrored Buttonhole Stitch

This stitch is good to make solid borders. It technically uses the blanket stitch, but the name is popularly associated with buttonhole stitch, due to the common name mix-up error. This tutorial, however, will associate this stitch with the blanket stitch.

You need to know the blanket stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. I will work between two parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Begin by making a blanket stitch between the stitch lines, as shown. Fig 2: Now, take the needle in through the top stitch line and bring it out from the bottom one, as shown. This creates a small loop on top.
Fig 3: Then, take the needle in through the loop as shown. Do not pluck the fabric underneath. Fig 4: Continue with this procedure for the entire length of the stitch line.
Fig 5: A finished portion looks like this.
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3 Responses

  1. shamima khan nancy Bangladesh Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Can u post an emboidery of ‘A groom riding on a horse & a bride in a doli’……

  2. shamima khan nancy Bangladesh Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    so nice stitch…!

  3. Natasha Russian Federation Opera Windows says:

    mmm, very interesting stitch!!!
    Thank you, Sarah!

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