This stitch uses blanket stitch for an embossed filling of the scallop shape. A series of such shaped blanket stitch scallops can be used to cover a larger area of the pattern. A series of continuous and adjacent scallops can be made to make beautiful fabric edgings. Refer to  blanket stitch scallops for an idea.

You need to know the running stitch and the blanket stitch to be able to understand thsi tutorial.

shaped_scallop_1      shaped_scallop_2
Fig 1: Begin by making a scallop shape. Fill it in randomly using straight stitches. You can also use other stitches like chain stitch.   Fig 2: Now, bring out the needle from the ‘B’ end of the scallop shape and start covering it with closed blanket stitches, as shown.
shaped_scallop_3   Fig 3: A finished scallop looks like this.