Rosette of Thorns

Rosette of thorns is a decorative variation of blanket stitch. It is a fine example of how blanket stitches can be varied in length and angles to make different effects.

Fig 1: We begin like we would the blanket stitch. The only change would be in the angles and the length variations of each stitch. Follow the alphabets for the sequence. After a series of five stitches, we give a gap and move to a similar sequence of five more stitches. Fig 2: A finished portion of the stitch would look like this. This can be topped with stitches like the french knots or oyster stitch.
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  1. Rye Canada Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:


    Beautiful stitching. I am trying to work this stitch on the edge of a single piece of fabric ( handkerchief ) . I cant sort out how to add thread when I run out .

    Thanks !

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