Closed Blanket Stitch

Also known as: Half Crossed Blanket Stitch

As the name suggests, this blanket stitch is a closed variation but forms a beautiful pattern to edge thick fabrics.

Knowing the Blanket Stitch will be an advantage. I will work between two horizontally parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: Bring out the needle through A. Now put the needle in through B, as shown. Take the needle out through C. Note that the points B and C are placed diagonally with each other, unlike in the normal blanket stitch.
We continue with this ‘diagonal’ approach through out.
Fig 2: Now, Take the the needle in through D and E, again diagonally placed to each other. Then, Take the needle in through D and bring it out from F as shown. This gives the blanket stitch a ‘closed’ look.
Fig 3: Continue this process for the entire row. A finished row would look like this.
When done as an edging, both the sides of the fabric would look the same.
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17 Responses

  1. Lessan Sweden Safari Mac OS says:

    Hey Sarah! Thanks for the sweet website and tutorials. I was wondering if you have considered showing some of the blanket stitches as edging, as they can be a little hard to start out with. I’m sewing shorts by hand and plan to use the closed blanket stitch to finish my hems, but can’t quite figure out how to work the thread correctly.

  2. Megha Patil India Google Chrome Windows says:

    You have really explained all the stitches very beautifully….. i am interested in learning it… thanking for creating such a bful, well planned website…..

  3. LiLo United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


    After “F” the first triangle is complete; but where and how do you begin the next one? What is the next step?

    Thanks! I’ve been searching for this stitch and have only found it here. :^)

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  2. December 20, 2013

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