Also known as: Half crossed blanket stitch

As the name suggests, this blanket stitch is a closed variation, but forms a beautiful pattern to edge thick fabrics.

Knowing the blanket stitch will be an advantage. I will work between two horizontally parallel stitch lines.

closed_blanket_stitch_1       closed_blanket_stitch_2
Fig 1:  Bring out the needle through A. Now put the needle in through B, as shown. Take the needle out through C. Note that the points B and C are placed diagonally with each other, unlike in the normal blanket stitch.
We continue with this ‘diagonal’ approach through out.
   Fig 2: Now, Take the the needle in through D and E, again diagonally placed to each other. Then, Take the needle in through D and bring it out from F as shown. This gives the blanket stitch a ‘closed’ look.
closed_blanket_stitch_3   Fig 3: Continue this process for the entire row.  A finished row would look like this.
When done as an edging, both the sides of the fabric would look the same.