Berwick Stitch

Also know as: Tailored Blanket Stitch

This stitch serves the same purpose as what the blanket stitch does mainly, that is, secure fabric edgings. The difference is that we make little knots while making the blanket stitches. When worked closely, the edges would look more defined and bold.

You need to know the blanket stitch to be able to understand this tutorial.

I will work between two parallel stitch lines.

Fig 1: We start the way we usually do for a blanket stitch. Bring out the needle through A, taking it in through B and then out through C. Now, instead of just looping the thread around, wrap it around the needle from right to left, as shown. Fig 2: Pull out the needle to make a knot on top. Continue this process, and you should get a finished portion like this.
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  1. rishana India Google Chrome Windows says:

    really i feel good

  2. Kayenderes Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    P.S. I need like the picture dictionary. Thank you.
    I live in a Seniors independant living on my reservation and someone
    can go to the city to buy it if Sarah has this type of book for this lovely work. Thank you

  3. Sharlene Australia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I am so pleased to find your site. I have been what I thought was a stitcher for many years but I had no idea how many other stitches are available than back stitch, blanket stitch, satin stitch and running stitch. My eyes have been opened.

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