Barb Stitch

This is a decorative stitch using two rows of blanket stitch. These two rows are made as mirror images and later whipped together.

You need to know the blanket stitch to continue with this tutorial.

Fig 1: Make a row of blanket stitch. Turn the fabric around and make another row of blanket stitch just adjacent to the previous row, as shown. The two rows should look like reflections of each other. Fig 2: Now, come out with a contrasting colored thread and whip around the stitches of both the rows, as illustrated.
Fig 3: A finished portion of the row looks like this.
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  1. marie Canada Internet Explorer Windows says:

    hi, cant print the barb stitch through print friendly, it prints out the picture dictionary instead….

    Great site, very very well explained. incredible work you have put in here.

  2. jenclair United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I’ve enjoyed checking in with you regularly. I’m passing on the Liebster Blog Award to you. You can check the details on my blog if you are interested.

    Thanks for all of your tutorials!

  3. Tanya Padgett United States Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very helpful

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