Antwerp Edging Stitch

Also known as: knot stitch edging, Antwerp stitch

This a very pretty looking edging stitch which looks like a blanket stitch with a knot. It can be made loosely and is generally used for more of a decorative purpose, than for securing the edges as with blanket stitches.
The Antwerp edging stitch is used is Hardanger Embroidery.

If you know the blanket stitch, it will be easy to understand this tutorial. Though this is an edging stitch, I will work between two parallel stitch lines, to teach the technique.

Fig 1: Start from the right end of the bottom stitch line. Take the needle in an out as shown and loop the thread around to make a chain stitch. Fig 2: Next, move to the top stitch line and pluck a little fabric, as shown. Keep it towards the left of the earlier chain made.
Fig 3: Loop the thread around the needle, as shown. Fig 4: Pull out the needle and you will get a formation like this.
Fig 5: Pass the needle under thread. Be careful not to pluck the fabric under while you do it. Pull the thread all the way gently. Fig 6: Now, get ready to make the second loop for the chain. Take the needle in through the previous chain and out, as shown. Loop the thread again.
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6 Responses

  1. Such beautiful stitching!

  2. Margo United States Safari iPad says:

    Nice! Do you have a photo of it done on an edge? I’d love to see what that looks like.

  3. Judy Taiwan; Republic of China (ROC) Google Chrome Linux says:

    This is an interesting and beautiful stitch. Thanks!

  4. Mariya India Safari  Android 4.3 Micromax A121 Build/JLS36C says:

    Hey sarah,
    Its a very good stitch,
    Can u suggest where this stitch is useful mam !!
    Thankx for ur ideas on this site.

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