Blanket Stitch Family

Blanket stitch began as a way to secure the edges of unsewn blankets. The stitch is very easy to do and gives a decorated look. With time, this stitch was experimented with giving rise to different variations and styles of this stitch.

Blanket stitch was also confused easily with the buttonhole stitch and the names were used interchangeably. Closer research reveals that these two stitches came to be confused with each other due to the way they look and the purpose they traditionally serve, that is, securing the edges. While blanket stitch is simple and secures the edges of fabrics, buttonhole stitch was traditionally used by tailors to secure the edges of buttonholes with hands. And hence, the name. A buttonhole stitch adds a little ‘knot’ at the elbow, giving it more endurance from the friction caused by the buttons.

The blanket stitch later came to be used for more than just securing the edges and made a good place in embroidery. Many variations were developed and each stitch in this family became more interesting to do.

Technically, if observed, it shares similarities with the feather stitch family, yet can be classified in a different section altogether. One difference is that the feather stitch family follows a vertical pattern, while the buttonhole family follows a horizontal path.

Blanket Stitch Family


Blanket Stitch


Buttonhole Stitch


Whipped Buttonhole


Double Blanket Stitch


Closed Blanket Stitch


Crossed Blanket


Buttonhole Wheel


Buttonhole Wheel Cup


Rosette of Thorns


Buttonhole Bar


Barb Stitch


Mirrored Blanket


German Knotted
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  1. vijiyalakshmi Norway Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    sarah I love this website you are very good teacher .thankyou sarah.

  2. Patricia United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thank you so much for pointing out the difference between the two stitches! I grind my teeth when stitchers (some of whom should know better LOL) refer to a blanket stitch as a buttonhole stitch.

    I am enjoying your stitch dictionary!

  1. February 17, 2013

    […] stitch), el punto de ostra (oyster stitch) y variedades de diente de chucho (punto de festón o blanket stitch). Su relleno es de polifibra más una bolsita plástica llena de arena en la […]

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