Whipped Back Stitch

This variety gives a twisted effect like what you will see in a whipped running stitch.

Back stitch: Lay the foundation by doing a back stitch.
Fig 1: Take another thread and needle and bring it out through A. Pass the needle under the stitch A-B, from above, as shown. Do not pluck the fabric underneath. Fig 2: Similarly, pass the needle under the stitch B-C, from above, as shown.
Fig 3: Continue this process of taking the needle under each back stitch foundation to give it a twining effect.
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  1. Brenna United States Safari iPad says:

    I’m trying this stitch on a piece for a friend & tried it on a practice cloth first & couldn’t get it right at first. I wasn’t looking closely at the pictures & had to look up a video & that woman explained you have to go the same way when lacing the second thread. Might be helpful to explain that! (If you see this :)!!)

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