Pekinese Stitch

Also known as: Chinese Stitch

It is commonly found in Chinese embroideries. Using contrasting threads will throw up the beauty of the design well.

Back stitch: Lay the foundation by doing a back stitch.
Fig 1: Take another thread and needle and bring it out through A. Pass the needle under the stitch B-C, from above, as shown. Do not pluck the fabric underneath. Fig 2: Now, pass the needle under the stitch A-B, from below, as shown.
Fig 3: You will see that a loop is formed at the stitch point B. Our aim would be to make such similar loops at each stitch point.
As the next action, take the needle under C-D from above.
Fig 4: Now pass the needle under B-C from below. Continue this action of looping each stitch point by taking the needle under the stitches.
Fig 5: Continue this process of taking the needle under each back stitch foundation to give it a twining effect.
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25 Responses

  1. lord masaba United Kingdom Opera Mini Unknow Os says:

    hey sarah…i love your work, clear tutorial steps .really helped me…thank you

  2. Namaste Sarah

    What beautiful work, so neat and stiches are so even.

    So very tempted to start embroidery projects after having visited you tuts.

    Well done. A true work of art, your love for this art form shows in your

    beautiful pieces.

  3. Giselle Molhem United States Safari  Android 4.1.2 SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 Build/JZO54K says:

    Thanks so much for your tutorials. You explain it so clear & easy. I made my 1st hand embroidery. I love your website! Thank you!

  4. Valerie United Kingdom Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hello I am thrilled with your embroidery tutorials. I am doing a Textile City and Guilds course at College and I have never done hand embroidery only at school and that was yonks ago. Its so easy to follow your instructions and the images are beautifully clear. Thanks so much.

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