Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch

Also known as : Interlaced Band

This variety is similar to that of the stepped running stitch (variety 2) and takes a braided effect. It is done over two parallel lines of ‘stepped’ back stitches. Such a foundation helps to create braid like effects.

Stepped back stitch: Lay the foundation by doing two parallel back stitches. ‘Step’ the second as illustrated. Note that by stepping the two parallel stitches, A1 falls in the midpoint of A2 and B2. Similarly, B2 falls in the midpoint of A1 and B1.
Fig 1: Take another thread and bring it out through A2. Take it under A2-B2 and then under A1-B1, from the bottom. Make sure not to pluck the fabric underneath. Fig 2: Continue the needle from beneath the thread, to take it under B2-C2, as shown.
Fig 3: Take the needle from beneath the thread and pass it under B1-C1, from the bottom. Fig 4: Continue this ‘twisted’ pattern to give it a final braided effect. Remember to take the needle always beneath the thread before going under the back stitches.
Fig 5: The completed pattern would look like this. Note how the herringbones between the backstitches grow out and close in at the two curves.
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  1. Fernando Mexico Safari iPad says:

    Great work, all this site… Thanks and greatings, from Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

  2. sabiha India Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hello sarah,,

    I am very happy to use your website,, it helps me a lot to learn, i have a request to , can u plz tell me how do you manage to get that twist in herringbone ladder filling,when i do the twist it dose’nt look good,when i drew the needle, i don’t get that ring type, hope u understand what i’m trying to tell, i vl b glad if u help me,thank u

  3. dhanshree India Safari  Android 4.1.2 Micromax A116 Build/JZO54K says:

    You are amazing …..really i didnt know this stich ..

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