Back Stitch Family

Back stitch is made by taking the thread backward than the conventional forward motion, and thus the name. It follows curves and bends well in a design. There are no spaces between each stitch and so gives a continuous appearance. Cross stitch patterns use them too. Like the running stitch, back stitch also laysΒ a foundation for many variations over it.

Back Stitch Family


Back Stitch


Whipped Back Stitch


Threaded Back Stitch


Pekinese Stitch


Interlaced Band


Split Back Stitch
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7 Responses

  1. Julie United States Safari iPhone says:

    This is gorgeous!!!love how elegant it is just using mainly back stitch! The colors are perfect!

  2. Vijeta India Google Chrome Windows says:

    amazinnnnnnnnnnnnn… trust me i am a big fan of this website n am fascinated by tutorials… keep going,,,, πŸ™‚

  3. Beena India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hy Amy , Nice to see your creativite i just loved ur desing ur r doing just a fabulous job will advertising ur desing i really apreciate or traditional work good blees u & all d best 2 u

  4. AisforAmy United States Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

    This is a beautiful pattern that you used for the example. I’m wondering, is it a pattern that is available? Or your own design? I’d love to know as I’d love to stitch it if at all possible. πŸ™‚

    • sarah India Unknow Browser Unknow Os says:

      Hello Amy,

      Nice to know that you liked the design. This is not one of my own designs. This was traced by me a long time ago and I don’t remember from where. I used it a couple of years back to practice the back stitch family, a portion of which you see here. I would have loved to share this pattern with you, but unfortunately, it is in the luggage that we have shipped while moving back to India. We are yet to receive our shipment.
      But, if you can figure out how the design flows and how the flowers look like, you can just do some additions and create a pattern of your own. πŸ™‚

      PS: Appologies for not replying sooner as we were on a long travel till now.

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