This lesson will teach you how to work on an even weave cloth. All the four stitches of Kasuti can be easily done over aida fabric. The fabric itself act as a graph sheet and we have to just tranfer the design directly. Since we have already dealt with Gavanti and Muragi in Kasuti lesson 2, I will illustrate Neygi and Menthi styles of stitches here.

Referring  Kasuti lesson 1  would be good before proceeding.

kasuti_lesson2_0   This is a traditional pattern of a lamp. Each colored cell in the graph represents a cross stitch or the menthi stitch of kasuti.
kasuti_lesson2_1   kasuti_lesson2_2
Fig 1: I begin stitching the lamp from the bottom.   Fig 2: I chose to do the birds on either side of the lamp with a contrasting colored thread. There is no rule where to begin the stitching from. So, this time, I began from the top.
kasuti_lesson2_3   Fig 3: The finished pattern would look like the illustration on the left side.
kasuti_lesson2_4      Fig 4: To border the pattern and for the sake of an example, I have used the neygi stitch below the lamp pattern. We take the needle up and down the fabric with running stitches in a designed patern.Refer Pattern Darning lessons to understand neygi in detail.
kasuti_lesson2_5   Fig 5: The finished pattern looks like this. 🙂