This stitch looks similar to the split stitch, but flatter on the fabric. The technique followed is like the back stitch. This stitch is ideal for making outlines or even for laborious fillings.

You need to know the back stitch to be able to do this stitch. The knowledge of the split stitch will be an advantage.

split_back_stitch_1          split_back_stitch_2
Fig 1: We start normally like a back stitch. Make a stitch A-B. Bring the needle out from C.   Fig 2: Now, like a normal back stitch, take the needle towards B and, splitting through the stitch A-B, put in the needle near B or B itself.
split_back_stitch_3   Fig 3: The stitch would look like this. It looks similar to the split stitch with a slight chain like effect.
Fig 4: A finished row of split back stitch would show up like this.