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algerian eye stitch

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Also known as: Star stitch, Algerian eyelet stitch

This stitch combines atleast eight straight stitches to form a star like pattern inside a square area. The Algerian eye stitch can be used as a filling stitch on even weave fabric in a wonderful way.

You need to know the straight stitch to be able to do this pattern. I will work within a roughly made square area to illustrate this stitch.

algerian_eyelet_stitch_1    algerian_eyelet_stitch_2
Fig 1: Bring the needle out from A, a corner of the square. Take the needle in through B, the middle of the square. Again, bring the needle out from C, a point that lies half way of one of sides fo the square, as shown.     Fig 2: Now, continue the sequence of bringing the needle out through the corners and then through the middle of the sides, each time, taking it inside B. Work this all around the square.
algerian_eyelet_stitch_3    Fig 3: The algerian eye stitch would look like this. You may add more spokes or straight stitches, but in even numbers, to get a more filled algerian eye. The minimum spokes you would want is eight, as shown here.

straight stitch family

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This is probably, the first stitch you need to know before learning any other embroidery stitches. It is a simple single stitch done by taking the needle in and then out of the fabric. Most stitches begin by making a single straight stitch. Apart from that, many straight stitches can be combined in various ways to come up with various patterns.

A series of detached straight stitches form the running stitch. So, I have mentioned and shown the running stitch family as a member of the straight stitch family.