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Crested Chain Stitch

This decorative stitch combines two parallel lines of chain stitches- the big ones on the bottom line and the tiny ones on the top. This combination results in ‘crests’ which contributes to the name....


Pendant Couching

This is an interesting variation of surface couching. The laid thread is left open at one end and pinned down at regular intervals. The laid thread is then pulled out slightly between two stitches...


Underside Couching

Unlike the surface couching, where the couching thread sits on the surface of the fabric, the underside couching technique allows it to pass through the fabric and hide under the fabric. Visually, it might...


Knotted Diamond Stitch

This stitch is very decorative with diamond formations. The edges of the diamonds are knotted, which explains the name. The knotted diamond stitch can require some amount of patience from beginners before you get...


contribute your hand embroidery

We have been working on our hand embroidery ebook and we would like it to feature some of your works as samples. Please contribute your embroidery work as attachments in the reply/comment box below....


Staggered Chevron Stitch

This is just a ‘fun’ variation of the regular chevron stitch. The stitch technique remains the same but creates an asymmetric effect. You need to know the chevron stitch to be able to understand...


Detached Chevron Stitch

If you already know chevron stitch, this stitch is quite self explained and easy. Detached chevron stitch is just a segment of the chevron stitch, that looks like a ‘pi’ sign. Fig 1: Bring...


TOI features Sarah’s Embroidery

Times of India featured our hand embroidery tutorials in their bookmarks section:     Thanks to all our readers for the encouragement and feedback 🙂 Rocksea and Sarah  


Bonnet Stitch

This stitch is very decorative and easy to do. Bonnet stitch is worked from right to left. I will work between two straight parallel lines to show this stitch. Fig 1: Start by bringing...


danish knot

Also known as: Danish knotted stitch This is a simple, stand-alone knot. Danish knot can be used in plenty as a filing or scatter them around for decoration. Fig 1: As shown, bring the...