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Indian Edging Stitch

This a very pretty looking stitch with a lot of scope to experiment with. I suppose this stitch is used extensively in certain kind of Indian embroidery, the reason why it has its name....


Antwerp Edging Stitch

Also known as: knot stitch edging, Antwerp stitch This a very pretty looking edging stitch which looks like a blanket stitch with a knot. It can be made loosely and is generally used for...


Threaded Chevron Stitch

This is just a decorative variation of the chevron stitch family. You need to know the Chevron Stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. Fig 1: First, stitch a row of chevron...


Chevron Stitch

This stitch follows a zig-zag pattern. It can follow easy curves and can be used creatively to create fillings. I will work this stitch between two parallel stitch lines. Fig 1: Bring the needle...


TOI features Sarah’s Embroidery

Times of India featured our hand embroidery tutorials in their bookmarks section:     Thanks to all our readers for the encouragement and feedback 🙂 Rocksea and Sarah  


Turkey Rug Knot

Also known as: Ghiordes knot This is a very interesting stitch which can be used in many ways to create different effects, like make ‘hairy’ fillings or a rug like edgings. I would work...


Pearl Knot Stitch

This stitch is a very simple stitch worked from right to left. Make these stitches close enough to see it look like like a string of pearls, which explains the name. I will be...


summer workshop

Hand Embroidery Workshop Location: Pashan-Panchvati, Pune Complete stitch kit will be provided.   Embroideries taught: Redwork   An old embroidery style in red or blue using various stitches. Can be used over any kind...

Stitch Dictionary 54

Stitch Dictionary

The stitch dictionary is arranged in alphabetical order and will help you to go to a stitch directly. Just click on the alphabet given in the index to go to the stitch beginning with...