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3 Stitches At a Time Project: Berries

Back Stitch French Knot Leaf Stitch Do not forget to upload your finished work here! Find more 3SAT Patterns here: 3SAT Project – Three Stitches At a Time Project


Pearl Knot Stitch

This stitch is a very simple stitch worked from right to left. Make these stitches close enough to see it look like like a string of pearls, which explains the name. I will be...


Colonial Knot

Also known as: Figure 8 Knot This knot looks pretty much like the French knot but has a different method of going about. While we wrap around twice in the same direction for the...


Pistil Stitch

Also known as: Long french knot This is a decorative stitch. We can also say it is a motif stitch which can be used for the purpose of making flower pistils or similar looking...


Bluework Lessons

This is just to give a feel on how bluework will look like. Bluework and redwork share the same history. Only that, bluework came as a successor to redwork when a new colorfast blue thread...


Redwork Lessons

In this tutorial, the step by step process on how I went about finishing this design is mentioned. You may click on the stitch name to go to the lessons of those stitches. I...


French Knot

The French knot is one of the easiest of all knots. Interestingly, however, it is often hailed as one of the most difficult-to-handle or difficult-to-do stitches. This, so much so, that learners often end...


Knots Family

This family has interesting members. I am not sure if this can be called a ‘family’ or just a ‘category’. But through my research, I stumbled upon a lot of ‘knotted’ stitches and decided...



Redwork also known as: Turkey red embroidery, Penny squares Bluework also known as: Blue redwork Embroidery sample: Redwork About Redwork Redwork embroidery, as simple as its name suggests, is embroidery with red cotton thread...