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back stitch

Posted by on 24 Feb 2009 | Category:

Also known as : Point de Sable

back_stitch_1   back sitch2
Fig 1: Bring the thread through A and take it in through B. This creates one stitch.   Fig 2: Bring the thread through C and take it in through B. This way, we are creating a stich by taking the thread backward.
back_stitch_3       Fig 3: Bring the thread through D and take it in through C. Continue this pattern to finish the design.

Fig 4: A finished line of back stitch will look like this.

back stitch family

Posted by on 08 Jan 2009 | Category:

Back stitch is made by taking the thread backward than the conventional forward motion, and thus the name. It is a very flexible to follow curves and bends in a design. There are no spaces between each stich and so gives a continuous appearance. Cross stitch patterns use them too. Like the running stitch, back stitch also lays a foundation for many variations over it.

hand embroidery sample : back stitch