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crested chain stitch

Posted by on 05 Oct 2018 | Category:

This decorative stitch combines two parallel lines of chain stitches- the big ones on the bottom line and the tiny ones on the top. This combination results in  ‘crests’ which contributes to the name. It a great stitch to be worked on borders and combined with other stitches in different colors.

I will work this stitch between two parallel stitch lines. You need to know the Chain Stitch to understand this tutorial. 

surface_couching_1 surface_couching_2
Fig 1: Start from the right end of the bottom stitch line. Take the needle in an out as shown and loop the thread around to make a chain stitch.  Fig 2: Next, move to the top stitch line and pluck a little fabric, as shown. Keep it towards the left of the earlier chain made. 
surface_couching_3 surface_couching_4
Fig 3: Loop the thread around the needle, as shown.  Fig 4: Pull out the needle and you will get a formation like this.
surface_couching_5 surface_couching_6
Fig 5: Pass the needle under thread. Be careful not to pluck the fabric under while you do it. Pull the thread all the way gently.  Fig 6: Now, get ready to make the second loop for the chain. Take the needle in through the previous chain and out, as shown. Loop the thread again.
surface_couching_1 surface_couching_2
Fig 5: Pull out the thread and continue by making the smaller chain on the top stitch line. Keep up with this process.  Fig 6: A finished crested chain stitch would look like this. Note the ‘crests’ that got formes. 

back stitched chain stitch

Posted by on 15 Nov 2014 | Category:

This is an interesting variation of chain stitch which incorporated back stitch as well. It can be used beautifully to create an interest in the designs over a foundation of chain stitch. This is a fine example on how two different stitches can be combined to create certain effects.

You need to know chain stitch and back stitch to be able to continue this tutorial.

back_stitched_chain_stitch_1 back_stitched_chain_stitch_2
Fig 1: Begin by bringing out a contrasting colored thread from the second chain  in the row, at a point A. Make a back stitch to go in through  B, as shown. Fig 2: Now, come out from the third chain, at a point C, and go back in at A. Keep making back stitches with the stitch points in each chain of the row.
 back_stitched_chain_stitch_3 Fig 3: Once finished, the decorated chain stitch would appear like this.


sinhalese chain stitch

Posted by on 04 Jul 2013 | Category:

This variation of chain stitch resembles the open chain stitch, but with a ‘twist’. It involves some intertwining of two colored threads to bring the twist effect to this chain stitch. 

This stitch can be a little complicated to work with initially, but with little practice, you can handle it well. 

I will work between two slightly curved parallel lines to demonstrate this stitch. You need to know the open chain stitch to be able to continue with this tutorial. 

sinhalese_chain_stitch_1              sinhalese_chain_stitch_2
 Fig 1: First, bring out threads (pink) from ends of the two stitch lines, X and Y. Leave them open. Now, bring out a different colored thread (blue) from near X, but towards the inside. Then, loop this thread from under the previous open threads, as shown.    Fig 2: Now, take the needle in through B, a point near Y, but the inside. Take it out from C, a point on the stitch line. Then, loop the blue thread from under the needle, as shown.
sinhalese_chain_stitch_3   sinhalese_chain_stitch_4
Fig 3: Pull out the needle and tighten it enough so that it holds the pink thread in place. Again, loop the blue thread around the pink thread.   Fig 4: Repeat the process, as you would for open chain stitch. Take the needle in through D, a point in line with C, and inside the first loop. Bring out the needle from E. Loop the blue thread around and pull it out.
sinhalese_chain_stitch_5   sinhalese_chain_stitch_6
Fig 5: To end the stitch, Just anchor down the pink thread with the blue thread as shown. Then, take down the pink thread through the fabric.   Fig 6: A row of this stitch would look like this. 

picture dictionary

Posted by on 24 Nov 2011 | Category:

This picture dictionary will help you to identify the stitches based on how they look. Hovering over the stitch picture will display the stitch name. Clicking over the picture will take you to the respective tutorial pages.

Back stitch family
back_stitch_index whipped_back_stitch_index threaded_back_stitch_index pekinese_back_stitch_index herringbone_ladder_filling_stitch_index
Blanket stitch family
blanket_stitch_index buttonhole_stitch_index whipped_buttonhole_stitch_index  double_blanket_stitch_index   closed_blanket_stitch_index
crossed_blanket_stitch_index buttonhole_wheel_index buttonhole_wheel_cup_index rossette_of_thorns_index  buttonhole_bar_stitch_index 
barb_stitch_index mirrored_buttonhole_index   german_knotted_index  blanket_stitch_honeycomb_index  
Chain stitch family
 chain_stitch_index whipped_chain_stitch_index double_chain_stitch_index magic_chain_stitch_index lazy_daisy_index
russian_stitch_index long_tailed_daisy_index  feathered_chain_stitch_index basque_stitch_index  petal_chain_stitch_index
reverse_chain_stitch_index heavy_chain_stitch_index braided_chain_stitch_index  zig_zag_chain_stitch_index cable_chain_stitch_index
twisted_chain_stitch_index alternating_twisted_chain_index  barred_chain_stitch_index  alternating_barred_chain_index  rossette_stitch_index
rope_stitch_index tulip_stitch_index  bulls_head_index  detached_wheatear_stitch_index  wheater_stitch_index
oyster_stitch_index butterfly_chain_stitch_index  raised_chain_band_index  knotted_chain_stitch_index  knotted_cable_chain_index
Chevron stitch family
chevron_stitch_index detached_chevron_stitch_index threaded_chevron_stitch_index mirrored_chevron_stitch_index stagerred_chevron_stitch_index
 double_chevron_stitch_index  chevron_filling_stitch_index      
Cross stitch family
cross_stitch_index double_cross_stitch_index       
Fishbone stitch family
fishbone_stitch_index  open_fishbone_stitch_index  flat_stitch_index  raised_fishbone_stitch_index  
Feather stitch family
feather_stitch_index closed_feather_stitch_index single_feather_stitch_index double_feather_stitch_index maidenhair_stitch_index
cretan_stitch_index  closed_cretan_stitch_index open_cretan_stitch_index knotted_cretan_stitch_index scottish_cretan_stitch_index
Fly stitch family
fly_stitch_index  whipped_fly_stitch_index closed_fly_stitch_index  plaited_fly_stitch_index  twisted_fly_stitch_index
Herringbone stitch family
herringbone_stitch_index threaded_herrigbone_stitch_index tacked_herringbone_stitch_index tied_herringbone_stitch_index laced_herringbone_stitch_index
 double_herringbone_stitch_index  twisted lattice band  interlaced_herringbone_index    
Knots family
french_knot_index pistil_stitch_index  colonial_knot_index  coral_stitch_index  scroll_stitch_index
 chinese_knot_index  pearl_knot_index bullion_knot_index  closed_pearl_knot_index  knotted_pearl_stitch_index
 palestrina_stitch_index reversed_palestrina_index triple_palestrina_stitch_index  basque_knot_index  sorbello_stitch_index
Running stitch family
running_stitch_index looped_running_stitch_index laced_running_stitch_index  interlaced_running_stitch_index  whipped_running_stitch_index
 eskimo_laced_edging_index  parallel_running_stitch_index  stepped_running_stitch_index  holbein_stitch_index  darning_stitch_index
 japanese_darning_stitch_index  seed_stitch_index      
Satin stitch family
satin_stitch_index whipped_satin_stitch_index  padded_satin_stitch_index  encraoching_satin_stitch_index  brick_stitch_index 
Stem stitch family
stem_stitch_index whipped_stem_stitch_index  outline_stitch_index  cable_stitch_index  split_stitch_index
portugese_stem_stitch_index japanese_stitch_index       
Straight stitch family
straight_stitch_index fern_stitch_index algerian_eyelet_index diamond_eyelet_stitch_index ray_stitch_index
radiating_stitch_index lantern_stitch_index eyelet_wheels_index eyelet_stitch_index rhodes_stitch_index
arrow_head_index arrow_head_threaded_index rice_stitch_index    
Weaving stitch family     
woven_circle_index woven_oval_index woven_spider_wheel_index whipped_spider's_wheel_index god's_eye_stitch
weaving_stitch_index woven_trellis_stitch_index  woven_bars_index