Couching Family

Couching is a kind of embroidery work where the threads are laid across the pattern and fastened or anchored down with small stitches. This method can be used for filling in a pattern or even outlining.

Couching method of stitching can be seen from different parts of the world, from England to Palestine, to Japan. The variants of this stitching can be integrated with other stitches, or it can be used exclusively as a part of couching embroidery. The couching method need not be limited to just threads but can be used to fasten down ribbons or any kind of fancy thread which can add interest to the embroidery. Even the stitches used for fastening down the laid thread can be experimented with, leaving wide scope for interesting variations. Couching can take on curves very easily, making it a very friendly stitch.

The variants follow the same technique of anchoring down laid threads but show strong visual differences.

Couching Stitch Family


Surface Couching


Underside Couching


Pendant Couching

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