Hand Embroidery Workshop

Location: Pashan-Panchvati, Pune

Complete stitch kit will be provided.

Embroideries taught:

redwork   Redwork


An old embroidery style in red or blue using various stitches.
Can be used over any kind of furnishings or children’s clothes and materials.

Chicken Scratch


An old embroidery from early America, using few stitches to give a laced effect. Can be used to make over anything made from checkered cloth.



kutch   Kutch Embroidery


A traditional Indian embroidery from Gujarat. Uses a little complicated stitch to make wonderful embroidery patterns on furnishings and clothes.



A traditional Indian embroidery from Karnataka. Uses four different styles of stitches to create intricate designs over small furnishings and clothing like sarees and blouses.



sashiko   Sashiko


A traditional Japanese embroidery done in white over dark blue using a single type of stitch. Contemporarily, this embroidery technique is used with different threads and fabric over furnishings and clothing of any sort.


Basic Stitches


Introduces 50 basic stitches to beginners for skill development. Students will get an idea about the different types and levels of stitches, giving them practice in stitching and developing an interest in hand art. These stitches can be used as per the imagination of the student for various projects.


basic stitch



For information and registration, contact:
Tel: 8275697147 /         Email: juby.sarah@gmail.com