embroidery and stitch origins

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  1. Jessica Alba Google Chrome Windows says:

    Love the choice of your pattern Cartoons Embroidery Designs

  2. Dayana India Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Sarah
    I really love this website . Recently I got interest in embroidery, and I am happy to say that this site helped me a lot . I have done a small embroidery work. I am attaching my small work here 🙂 .
    Stitches I have used is as follows:
    Long Satin stitch
    Back Stitch
    Stem Stitch
    Chain Stitch with back Stitch
    French knot
    Your valuable comments and suggestions will be appreciate . I am very happy for this website .
    Thank you so much.

  3. Roweena India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    pls advise the type of work this is would like to know as my mother-in law knows it but she does not know what the type of work or the name as she wanted some patterns

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